Directional Growth

While daydreaming, I often return to this experiment that I read about a few years back titled SLIME MOLD GROWS NETWORK JUST LIKE TOKYO RAIL SYSTEM. In the experiment, they started with oat flakes arranged in the pattern of Japanese cities around Tokyo, then they introduced this slime mold. “Talented and dedicated engineers spent countless hoursContinue reading “Directional Growth”

Keep Your Capital Gains From Your Past 1031 Exchanges.

If you are a savvy real estate investor than you have leveraged the 1031 tax deferred exchange more than once. You are probably at a place in your deferral chain that you owe a decent amount of capital gains and it is keeping you from cashing out. With the TCAC/HCD Opportunity, you can take advantageContinue reading “Keep Your Capital Gains From Your Past 1031 Exchanges.”